Are you a migrant entrepreneur in Türkiye?


We would like to hear your opinion and experiences.

September 7, 2023 15:00 - 17:00 (GMT+3)

If you have an established or operating business in Türkiye,

If you participated in or plan to participate in entrepreneurship support programs in Türkiye,

Come join us for an online co-creation workshop on inclusivity and entrepreneurship support programs in Türkiye and let’s discuss the barriers and solutions together!

We want to invite you to an online workshop, organized by Enhancer-Müşterek Project, aiming to discuss barriers and possible solutions in the social entrepreneurship support programs (accelerator, incubator, award program, certificate program, training etc.) in Türkiye from an inclusivity perspective. As established and experienced migrant entrepreneurs, we believe your experiences in the ecosystem will contribute to the workshop and the development of an Inclusivity Toolkit at the end of the project. Since this workshop is only open to migrant entrepreneurs in Türkiye, it also aims to foster a safe space to bring migrant entrepreneurs together to share experiences, hear from each other, and find solutions together. 

The workshop is happening on 7 September, Thursday, between 15:00 – 17:00 (TR Time). If you are interested, please register by filling the form by clicking the button below. Arabic-Turkish translation will be available at the workshop as well.

The workshop will be facilitated by ORIGINN Creative Hub team.

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the workshop.

*Registration required.

*Turkish-Arabic translation will be provided.

Please click on the button below to register for the workshop.